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For over 10 years Mark has supported and designed websites for my clients. What sets Mark apart is his ability to interpret my business requirements and deliver user friendly, intelligent and fully functioning websites that contribute to our revenue generation. This is very different to a website that is simply a pretty brochure. Our websites work hard to generate business leads. What I value most about Mark's work is that I can trust we have a solution that works, and I can trust he will be there to support me. You don't realise how much you need this until things don't go according to plan. Having someone who can get right into the website code to makes changes or resolve issues is critical to keeping a website working hard. Mark takes the stress out of managing websites.

Marchelle Madden (Motate Marketing) - June 2020


I encountered some website issues in August that were hard to resolve without the skills and knowledge of a very experienced webmaster and after some searching around, Mark Drysdale of Gravity Tech was highly recommended to me by an industry expert who could not help me at the time.

I was very impressed with Mark from the outset. He not only understood the issues, given my halting and non-technical way of explaining my requirements, but he also clearly communicated the pros and cons of each possible solution to enable me to make the best possible decision with future-proofing in mind. What was most outstanding was the integrity with which Mark accounted for the time required and spent on the job, a very rare trait these days. All of this combined to turn an experience of stress and anxiety into one of excellent results achieved by high professional standards, depth of knowledge and skills balanced with a most positive and respectful style of customer service.

Suzann Victor Artist - September 2020

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